Environmental Management

Environmental Management

I am sincerely pleased to publish MODINE ONEGENE's carbon management report.

MODINE ONEGENE is a corporation established in May 2011 with investment by Mordin, a global company headquartered in the United States and ONEGENE, a domestic company. It designs and manufactures cooling modules using heat exchangers and heat exchangers installed in construction heavy equipment and agricultural machinery, Manufacturing, and sales. Mordin ONEGENE strives to secure quality and cost competitiveness with the highest priority of customer value. All of our employees are working together with customers by securing the best technology and competitiveness in a pleasant and happy corporate culture based on mutual trust. . In addition, as low carbon and eco-friendly green growth is becoming important as a countermeasure against global warming, MODINE ONEGENE has been promoting energy saving based on green management system, such as energy saving product design and manufacturing facility introduction / operation and waste energy recycling system construction. We have been striving to develop our products. We are grateful for the opportunity to share with other companies through this report, and we will do our best to be a leader of low carbon and eco-friendly company by continuously implementing green management in the future. I want to do it.

Environmental Management

Realization of innovative companythrough green management

Implement sustainable green growth

  • Strategic Response to Climate Change

    Establishment of greenhouse gas management system Greenhouse gas Energy diagnosis

  • Green workplace composition

    Energy reduction activity Environmental impact reduction effort Energy saving campaign

  • Green Communication

    Social Contribution Activities Sustainable Management

In order to respond strategically to climate change, Mordin ONEGENE has actively responded to such issues as fostering carbon management experts and establishing a greenhouse gas management system. In addition, through the greenhouse gas-energy diagnosis, we are actually planning to reduce energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Training carbon management experts

    Partners Carbon Partnership

    Morin ONEGENE participated in Doosan Infracore's "Carbon Partnership System for Partnering for Green Growth" project. We have improved our employees' awareness through professional training, established a greenhouse gas management system at the workplace, and established a product-unit greenhouse gas management system. Through such carbon partnership projects, we have strengthened the environment-friendly competitiveness of Mordin ONEGENE by sharing our ability to respond to climate change with parent companies and cultivating carbon management experts.

  • Establishment of greenhouse gas management system

    Manage Inventory Tool

    Mordin ONEGENE has built a tool to manage the GHG emissions in the workplace. Through the Inventory Management Tool built through Doosan Infracore's carbon partnership project, it is possible to identify, manage, and record direct and indirect GHG emissions from production activities within the organizational boundaries and identify emissions statistics and emissions trends at the workplace. We support.

    Establishment of product unit carbon management system

    MODINE ONEGENE representative product We are managing the energy-intensive processes by establishing a carbon management system for the Cooling Module (K250K-300).

Greenhouse gas energy diagnosis

Mordin ONEGENE analyzed the GHG-energy status of the workplace and conducted an energy audit at the workplace in order to identify improvements in energy-using facilities. As a result of the diagnosis, it is anticipated that by improving the efficiency of the air compressors and brazing, it will save about 85,000 kWh of power energy per year and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 39.63 tCO2-eq per year

Improvement Power energy savings Saved amount (KRW1,000 won/ year) Investment cost (1 000 won/KRW) Payback period (year) Greenhouse gas reduction(tCO2-eq/year)
Equipment Improvements kWh TJ
Air compressor Reduces no-load loss power by controlling air compressor rotation speed 33,600 0.302 4,100 5,800 1.4 15.67
brazing Reduces fuel consumption through improved insulation of surface heat loss by brazing 51,400 0.463 6,300 13,300 2.1 23.96
Sum 85,000 0.765 10,400 19,100 1.8 39.63

Mordin ONEGENE is creating eco-friendly business sites through various activities. We have carried out activities to reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental impact. All of our employees are participating in efforts to create green workplaces by implementing energy conservation campaigns.

Energy saving activities

Annual power usage
  • Before
  • 17,500kWh
  • After
  • 5,100kWh

Efforts to reduce environmental impact

  • Improved wastewatertreatment system

    MODINE ONEGENE improved the wastewater treatment system by separating solid waste from the wastewater treatment system in 2014. Reduced wastewater treatment costs and reduced environmental impacts by improving the water quality environment .

  • Hazardous chemicals

    Mordin ONEGENE is reducing hazardous chemicals by replacing harmful chemicals with common ones

  • Suppression of waste generation

    When importing Chinese products, we are reducing the amount of waste generated by replacing product packaging with corrugated cardboard.

Before After
ph 8.6 7.0
BOD 120 30이하
COD 180 40이하
ss 200 20이하

Energy saving campaign

  • Reduction
  • Lunchtime office
    lights out
  • Computer screen
    sleep mode
  • Maintain proper indoor temperature
    (26 degrees in summer and 20 degrees in winter)

Mordin ONEGENE is carrying out various volunteer activities to strengthen ties with the local community. In addition, we are implementing green communication to grow into a green company that builds a sustainable society by building employee welfare infrastructure

Social Contribution Activities

ONEGENE Group including MODINE ONEGENE We are constantly implementing support activities to contribute to the local community. Supporting the elderly living alone, helping local workers, etc. Our employees volunteer to visit the site where they need help, and they are actively participating in local sports events, year-end parties, and Christmas events, and are also sending out subsidies. In addition, we have been endeavoring to make a living society by supporting development fund to social institutions such as Chungbuk Hope Won and Sungam Elementary School which have financial difficulties, and as a result, they were awarded a certificate of appreciation. In addition, Morin ONEGENE's social contribution activities are carried out in various ways, such as sponsoring African children every month.

  • Keumam-ri Home repair
  • Jincheon Children's Center Opening
  • Heemangwon Year-end party
  • Heemangwon Christmas events

Sustainability Management Reading Club and Employee Training

Mordin ONEGENE wanted to become a company that communicates with employees through a reading club, which is an in-house meeting. We also conducted fire safety training to improve employees' awareness of environment-safety and safety at workplaces. We celebrated the 100th anniversary of MODINE with our employees.
As of the end of 2016, All employees are participating in this campaign. In addition, we hold an employee workshop every year to keep our employees happy and to keep our company healthy.

  • Reading Club
  • Employee Training
  • Employee training
  • Modine’s 100th anniversary
  • Quit smoking campaign & Workshop
  • Quit smoking campaign & Workshop