Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Based on trust and love. We deliver the best quality and customer satisfaction.

Based on its core management philosophy of trust and love, MODINE ONEGENE Limited, which is aiming to become the best company in the world, provides the best quality to customers by improving its quality competitiveness. We pursue the happiness of all stakeholders with customer satisfaction and thorough risk management.

Quality Policy

  • 품질 인프라 구축
    Quality Policy
    • Achieve overwhelming quality and cost competitiveness
    • Zero Defect Achieved 200 Days
    • Cost competitive parts development, VA/VE
  • Ensuring Prevention of Prior Quality
    Ensuring Prevention of Prior Quality

    5S Activity

  • Global Quality Management System
    Global Quality Management System
    • Modine Operation System (MOS)
    • Modine Production System (MPS)
    • Volvo Production System (VPS)

Quality Management System

  • Open Education

    In-house training activities for the purpose of cultivating universal knowledge, developing qualities, forming consensus, and motivating all members of all departments

  • Internal Auditor Activity

    Continuous growth of processes and system improvement for securing precious management assets Continuous Improvement Sessions operated by TFT activities

  • Club Activity

    In-house design model On the day of production Every day, just before production starts, awareness raising activities to prepare the target of bad zero targets for both field worker and quality department and related departments

  • PR Activity

    Quality improvement activities to set up and determine emergency measures and countermeasures against nonconforming product on site.

  • MPS/MOS Activity

    Establish the foundation of five global missions that represent the value of the company. Includes leadership behavior patterns and rules rules used in daily business activities. It is tailored to improve the product and improve the skill of team members. Supports the vision of Market Leadership of Thermal system.