Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Faith in manangement through ethics is the value and the asset of

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CEOYong Man Kim

  I am  deeply aware that corporate management must always be transparent to enhance and improve the competitiveness of the enterprise. I pledge to do my best to make a sound trading order by actively participating in the ethical management policies of MODINE ONEGENE Co., Ltd.      No one in the company will provide bribes, such as money or items of value, directly or indirectly, to anyone involved in the process of bidding, contracting, and contract execution. No one in the company will perform any act that unfairly maintains the bid price,  collaborates with other persons in the bidding, or obstructs the free competition of a bid by agreement with any other company.    I understand that any transaction that I conduct in an unfair or unethical way will result in disadvantages to me, such as suspension of the transaction or termination of the contract.   I will notify MODINE ONEGENE Co., Ltd.'s Corporate Ethics Committee when unfair or unethical demands or cases arise from company employees.

Business Ethics

Affection for the consumers and joy of working for the employees. We, MODINEONEGENE, will create a company that is trusted by the society

MODINE ONEGENE Limited. values corporate social responsibility and acts in accordance with fair standards in order to obtain the value and trust of customers.

A company that deeply recognizes the need for a high level of ethics in order to comply with these standards and that impresses its customers by establishing a clean corporate culture through fair and ethical duties, a company that wants to work for its employees. Therefore, we have established a Code of Ethics that will be the basis for all values and values that all employees should observe,

Business Ethics

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    MODINE ONEGENE Co., Ltd. values corporate ​​social responsibility and acts in accordance with fair standards to obtain the value and trust of customers.

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    We recognize the role that ethics play in meeting these high standards, and we pledge to create a corporate culture where employees are rewarded for performing their duties in a manner consistent with these standards.

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    To meet this pledge, we have established a Code Of Ethics to guide employees in making correct value judgments in performing their work appropriately.

Application of standards in ethics

Chapter 1Responsibility for the State and Society

MODINE ONEGENE Co., Ltd. respects legal, customary, cultural, and socially recognized values; contributes to social development through reasonable business activities; and contributes to community development through voluntary community service.

Chapter 2Responsibilities and Obligations to Customers
We recognize that customer satisfaction is fundamental to the development of the company. We respect customer rights and strive to increase value to customers.

1) Maintain a sincere attitude with and keep our promises with customers.
2) Respect customer opinions and provide the best quality and service at a reasonable price.
3) Do not engage in activities or immoral behavior that do harm to the interests of our customers.

Chapter 3Responsibilities and Obligations to Shareholders
We respect the opinions of shareholders and we strive to maximize shareholder rights and investment value.

1) Ensure efficient and reasonable investment and management by establishing a risk management system and internal control system.
2) Establish a responsible management system to ensure the trust of shareholders and to listen to shareholder voices when making key management decisions.

Chapter 4Fair Competition and Trade
We comply with all relevant local laws and regulations, respect commercial practices, and trade freely and fairly in our business activities.

1) Respect our competitors' legitimate rights and view competition as an opportunity for mutual development.
2) Ensure that we acquire all competitive advantages in legitimate ways that do not slander competitors or abuse weaknesses.
3) Make all transactions fairly and with mutual equality. Transaction conditions and procedures are discussed fully in advance.
4) Make all transactions with partner companies in accordance with principles of fair competition and equal participation opportunities.
5) Register and select all suppliers in a transparent and professional manner in accordance with objective and impartial examination criteria (product, service, price, reliability).

Chapter 5Basic Ethics of Employees
As a member of MODINE ONEGENE Co., Ltd., each employee is proud to establish the right values and ethics and to perform their duties fairly.
  • 1) Basic ethics
    • a) Employees have high ethical values and will maintain the dignity of the individual and the honor of the company.
    • b) Employees understand and will faithfully observe the contents of the company's policies and regulations.
    • c) Accomplish company policies through regular self-development to become and remain a talented person of a company that meets the era of rapidly changing diversity.
  • 2) Code of Ethics Violation
    • ① Acts that defame the company
      • Excessive privacy outside of company duties which may affect company business or cause the company to lose its honor.
      • Defame the company's reputation due to poor work, whether or not the act is known.
      • Defame the company's reputation by intimidating and punishing stakeholders.
    • ② Acts that inhibit unity
      • Promote unfamiliarity in the organization, such as the creation and dissemination of improper testimonies, or hurting the environment .
      • Supervisors provide work orders that are in violation of laws, regulations, and company policies, or that fail to promote employee education and guidance.
      • Supervisors do not act courteously to employees or employees do not act courteously to supervisors.
      • Discriminate against peers, customers, or suppliers for reasons such as academic background, gender, religion, region, age, disability, and race .
    • ③ Acts of unfair treatment
      • Receive any form of monetary benefit or perform in any way that may interfere with the fairness of the job.
      • Joint investments with stakeholders or the acquisition of common property,
      • Doing business with the purpose of giving profit or disadvantage to a particular stakeholder or to cause damage to the company by failing to fulfill the duty of good managerial care.
      • Waste company assets through the acquisition of excessive assets and the acquisition of insolvent assets.
      • Use or export the company's facilities, equipment, or other goods for private purposes.
      • Interrupt or use public funds.
    • ④ Unauthorized disclosure of company Information
      • Unauthorized disclosure of internal company information such as company confidential or business information.
      • Benefiting personal interests by using information acquired in the course of business.
Chapter 6 Responsibility to Employees
The company respects all its employees as individuals, fairly evaluates and treats employees according to their capabilities and achievements, and provides support and training opportunities for professional improvement.

1) Evaluate and apply fair standards according to the abilities and achievements of employees, and exclude discrimination based on academic background, gender, religion, region, age, disability, and race.
2) Create a system and organizational culture that respects confidential suggestions from employees and a work environment that provides employees with rewards and a sense of ownership.
3) Actively support and create conditions for fostering employees as autonomous and creative professionals.

Chapter 7Discipline with Non-compliance
Disciplinary action for employees that do not comply with the company Code of Conduct shall be handled in strict accordance to the Code of Conduct rules.
Article 1

This Code of Ethics is effective July 1, 2014.

Article 2

This Code of Ethics applies to stakeholders in the company, employees, partners, and persons in trading relationships.

Article 3

Any questions or conflicts related to this Code of Ethics should be provided to the Ethics Committee for advice and resolution.

Article 4

The Code of Ethics, which forms the basis of ethical management practices, takes precedence over other regulations in the company.

Business Ethics

Onegene Group is aware of the unfair business operations, unfair demands based on position and corruption.

The information of the claimant is absolutely protected and the contents of the report are processed as soon as possible. The result is processed by the homepage or e-mail in name is provided, otherwise, it can only be confirmed through the homepage.

Prohibition of identity confidentiality and disadvantage of claimant

  • Prohibit any activity to identify the claimant, such as requesting confirmation of the identity of the claimant or inquiries to identify the claimant.
  • All employees are prohibited from leaking information, even if they are aware of the status of the complainant, whether official or accidental.
  • We do not disclose the identity of the complainant and investigator who have no consent.
  • It is prohibited to penalize the penalty in case of violation (성명 필요)
  • Employees and related persons who violate the duty to protect their identity may be punished.

In case of exception to report receipt

  • Slander not based on fact
  • Personal privacy matters
  • Non-contractual payments and non-payment of wages