Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Onegene Group is aware of the unfair business operations, unfair demands based on position and corruption.

The information of the claimant is absolutely protected and the contents of the report are processed as soon as possible. The result is processed by the homepage or e-mail in name is provided, otherwise, it can only be confirmed through the homepage.

Prohibition of identity confidentiality and disadvantage of claimant

  • Prohibit any activity to identify the claimant, such as requesting confirmation of the identity of the claimant or inquiries to identify the claimant.
  • All employees are prohibited from leaking information, even if they are aware of the status of the complainant, whether official or accidental.
  • We do not disclose the identity of the complainant and investigator who have no consent.
  • It is prohibited to penalize the penalty in case of violation (성명 필요)
  • Employees and related persons who violate the duty to protect their identity may be punished.

In case of exception to report receipt

  • Slander not based on fact
  • Personal privacy matters
  • Non-contractual payments and non-payment of wages